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Tosin Fetuga


Tosin Fetuga is a Business Consultant who helps business owners achieve their dreams by supporting them with all aspects of the business from idea conception to experiencing growth. She is also a Business Account Manager with one of the 5 Big Banks in Canada, where she works closely with business owners as a strategic advisor providing them with financial advice and funding to achieve their business goals.

She is a Financial Service Professional with over 20 years of experience in providing financial advice to both individuals and businesses and has facilitated several workshops in the area of business, financial empowerment and business development. Tosin has a Master of Business Administration and she is a Partner at NobleLinks Consulting. She has a YouTube channel where she motivates would-be and current business owners and spotlights great business achievers in Canada  about doing business in Canada and uses their stories and experiences to educate viewers and challenge them to achieve their
business goals.

Tosin is also a Master of Ceremonies based in Saskatoon. Since immigrating with her family to Canada in 2017,  she had straightaway blended with the black community in Saskatoon, where she is one of the favourite MCs for most occasions done in Saskatoon. She and her husband Ade, have two lovely girls.

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