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Pastor, Olawumi Oyetuga



Meet Olawumi Oyetuga - a fierce woman of faith, with an unquenchable love for God, on a mission to ignite inspiration and motivation in every soul she encounters. With a heart that radiates warmth and wisdom, and her down-to-earth personality, she's not just your ordinary preacher, speaker, and blogger; she's a powerhouse and an outstanding leader!

When she's not captivating audiences with her powerful words, you'll find her gracefully serving in
ministry, uplifting women, and children at her local church.  
But wait, there's more! Olawumi is a true multitasking marvel - a *Devoted Wife, Supermom to 3 beautiful ladies, Author, Compassionate Registered Nurse, Early Childhood Educator, and Pro Parenting Coach.*

Ready to get inspired and motivated? Connect with her on her website - and check out her books "Christ in My Thoughts" and "Intentional Parenting: A Lifetime Journey" on Amazon. Brace yourself for a fun ride of faith, empowerment, and delightful surprises!

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